New Zealand trio Lucky Lance, Tony Teez and Haz Beats better known as Team Dynamite are back after a brief hiatus from the music scene. The Pacific Music Awards winners team up with rapper Diggy Dupé to serve us a new joint titled ‘Who?’ This material shows the growth of the squad physically and mentally too. According to Haz Beatz;

“The beats are more advanced boom bap and the boys are more mature lyrically, physically and mentally but have still got that Dynamite sound that everyone knows,”

As far as Tony Teez is concerned, he had this to say about his verse on the new single;

“I’m talking to myself and anyone else who might find it relatable. I think it’s a warning shot and reminder with a subtle wussup to our lovely peers in the industry and to all our supporters, letting everyone know that Team Dynamite is still here alive and winning.”

They may have been gone for a minute but they are right back to pick up from where they left off and the fans are very grateful for that. You can check out more materials from Team Dynamite on Soundcloud and be sure to link with them on Twitter.

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