Emerging hip-hop artist Tazzy makes her entry on our site with this reflective and insightful piece titled “Die Tryin’.” The single is actually her first official release and for someone who is green in the music, she sounds quite ahead of her time. Over the somber piano-driven backdrop, she really gets profound with the pen and details all her struggles in an effortless manner. She reflects on real-time issues especially those concerning people’s dreams being shut down by the system. Using her own experiences within the academic sphere, she sees the same cycle all over again as kids don’t get the proper encouragement in other for them to shine bright. In her own words, she adds that “I want this song to inspire those to shoot for their dreams, to continue with the drive they had as a kid and to see a better future for themselves.


Hip–hop artist Tazzy™ combines the influence of soul and social consciousness influenced by the likes of J. Cole, Jay-Z, and Tupac with modern-day sounds. Hip hop has always been a grassroots genre with a thousand different faces, each one suited to the particular scene at the time. Tazzy’s music is no less varied; it is equal parts emotional expression, spiritual healing, a form of protest, the sharing of a story, and a way to connect with others.


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