This is an unreleased track that just surfaced Out of New Jersey Tastemakers Crew..Here comes an new upcomin’ emcee “$tan Ro$$ that you should be warned about.. He serves his flow justice and the delivery is on point While Thelonious Martin wrecks the ambiance with his hand crafted melody.. The duo decided to let this go as it’s plays an introduction to the new collab project they are gettin’ to release on November 2oth.. This track will not be placed on the new project but more instead to leave you wanting more.. Keep this slapped responsibly my friends.. gheeaaaaa!!…Continue to read for further info..

The song entitled “NKETLK” was recorded a long time ago but it never saw a release. As $tan Ros$ and Thelonious Martin get ready to unleash their highly anticipated collective project, the two decide to let it go. Not as a single but more as a gift. The track will not be making a cameo on the upcoming tape THE ADVENTURES OF DAPGHO$T & BEARDGUY VOL. 0 which will be available November 20th. Make sure you stay tune for further updates. For now, enjoy the track!


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