After showing unbridled fierceness on “Laundry,” rising emcee Tamara Bubble  is back with another banger titled “Rumours”. She teamed up with producer Beat Abuza who crafts a hard-hitting trap infused backdrop for Tamara’s straight to the jugular delivery and commanding vocal tone. On “Rumours”, she aims to dispel any and all types of rumours people try to spread about her. In her own words, she says “… says if you ever hear anything bad about her?! … they lying and they breathe STANK

The video directed by Aston | Grey shows Tamara getting quizzed by her folks while she breaks it down in bars for them to get the picture.

“Rumors” is a new single release off her recent EP “Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl”. Get it on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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