Multi-genre producer TRBL  sets it off with his futuristic, Japanese inspired beat titled “Kamikaze.” The beat is solid blend of the old and new as he makes use of a haunting vintage vocal chant, silky guitar-like synths, and lush textures over a hard-hitting boom-bap drum. The result is quite engaging from start to finish and the way he keeps things interesting varies from subtle switch-ups and seamless transitions between different sections of the beat to raise the energy. “Kamikaze” is taken from his new project Atomic Samurai.

Kelvin “Lee TRBL” Lewis is an award-winning nationally sought producer, clinician, and musician that is well-versed in piano, music theory, and creative wisdom. Lee started his journey playing drums at the age of 5, playing trumpet for 9 years until braces cut his playing short. After his grandfather’s funeral, he got on the organ with very little training and hasn’t gotten off it since 2004.

Listen to his full album Atomic Samurai below.


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