We enjoy keeping things globally diverse at WIB.  This project by China’s Swimful Buterfly is a great example of why. To effectively summarise this I could just hyphenate the tags into “ambient-dream-rap-cloud-pop”. (Continue reading for more including the download)…

Whilst the tracks mostly comprise of the boom, hiss and clap of 808’s over melodic strings and synths (not that that’s a bad thing; just not a sound I tune into a lot), there’s a couple employing more “organic” sounding drum sampling – “Like Light Through Leaves” being particularly dope. But what most caught my ear was the spectral “Soul Drop” embedded above.  It hits the spot – I’ve got nothin’ else to say.

Additionally, if like me your music collection has a sizeable amount of film scores from Asian cinema, you’ll fall deeply for the title track “馬路天使 (Street Angel)” and the progressive outro “Kites In Zhongshan Park”.

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