Here is a new single from fast-rising Swedish songstress and creative, Nápoles titled Circulate. With Cuban and Russian heritage, the Stockholm-based Nápoles is also one third of popular DJ and creative collective Ladieslovehiphop, with whom she has opened for Beyonce and Jay-Z. The song was produced by Chapee and Wihib Sulaiman, with Joe Lefty contributing to the writing, and the track sees Nápoles excellently weaving her laidback style, enchanting vocals, and captivatingly vivid songwriting, together with her lush soul, hip-hop, R&B and jazz sensibilities, to create an undeniably smooth and infectious serving. Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Circulate’, Nápoles says;
“the inspiration comes from my everyday life. I wrote ‘Circulate’ at a time when I was thinking about the universe, space and how everything is connected. At night, I would watch ‘Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey’ and read books of that nature, and during the day at work, I would daydream a lot about these themes. I was also figuring myself out as an artist, and the exploration of my sound, combined with all these thoughts, led to the making of ‘Circulate’. I want my music to be fun, smooth and energetic at the same time, and I think that comes across on this song.”
Nápoles has always been surrounded by music, but her love affair with music started at the very young age of 8, after her first family visit to Cuba. She grew up on hip-hop, house, dancehall and gospel music, whether it was as a young street-style dancer, or as a 15-year old singer in youth choirs such as Joyful Noise and the Tensta Gospel Choir, which helped her develop her own musical language. Fast-forward to 2020, and here is the songbird blossoming in her music career. You are definitely going to enjoy this one for real.
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