Rising rapper Swaz Benjamin shares a 2 song release Non Stop which consists of an original and a remix. The record is a testament to being resilient and determined to face the fire and seize the day no matter what.


“Non Stop” is a heartfelt and reflective tune that dives into our daily struggles and grind as the world keeps turning. Over the solemn and bouncy backdrop provided by Lachy Hamill who also recorded and mixed the song, Swaz takes us through a relatable tale surrounding one’s journey through the fire and the never-ending grind called life. Armed with his gruff and commanding flow and knack for dense rap schemes tied by insightful themes, Swaz draws listeners in with his candour with lines like A deep appreciation for you, that’s real love and respect/I live for you and to create, with my mind, my heart and my breath/yep, yep, yep, contemplating success, I got my suspicion the general definition ain’t correct..”. Here, he recognizes his talent and how he has to balance the ups and downs of life with creating material that will stand the test of time while also aiming for success. The theme continues with the introspective lines “And I envisage my chief definite aim/I get lifted and go the distance, I keep steady steps to refrain from too much temptation ’cause base level cravings can make internal demons that can waste us.. where he gives us a gem that has helped him stay focused on his goals. He acknowledges the allure of temptation and vices but he prefers to stay disciplined and play the long game to achieve his ultimate goals. Overall, the record is quite touching and profound. Production-wise, it has a brooding and somewhat reflective vibe with its rich pads, lush guitar plucks by Michael Chater and excellent vocal scratches by Dameza.


“Non Stop” also gets a remix by Aiden Cleak (Mr. Gochi) and the production here is quite off-kilter, thumping and experimental as well. The textures are dreamy and ethereal and the punchy drum grooves really take it to stratospheric levels. The use of vocal effects and subtle transitional changes also make it dynamic enough to break any form of monotony.


In a nutshell, “Non Stop” is the perfect anthem for people who balance day-to-day pressures and responsibilities while creating time for their artistic endeavours or whatever therapeutic outlet they use to find solace away from the never-ending grind.


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