South London based emcee/producer Sudders‘ new release “Breathe”  is a definitive look into the rapper’s life. Over a solemn, reflective backdrop, he gives the listener a vivid detail into his fears, hopes, and much more. He makes good use of the self-produced sparse beat and delivers honest lines like “Look I feel it slipping out my hands, Granddad’s in the hospital, I really miss the man” that peers deep into his troubles. He also finds solace in other ways when he says ” I might be smiling but I’m fighting just to keep up/Guided by my mother’s eyes, hug her ‘cos she breathes love



The self-directed visual follows Sudders as a pilot on a deserted location after he crashed into the sea. We see him wander around the mysterious landscape looking for his ship to no avail. It’s quite dramatic and scenic with a lot of psychedelic visual effects to match Sudders’ boggled mindstate.

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