STAYOUTLATE is a 4-member alternative hip-hop collective from Canada who got our attention with their latest release titled Fabergé.  The 9 track body of work is a snapshot of the group’s common vices including sex, drugs, money and partying. It’s far from glorying these things but rather gives listeners a clear and balanced depiction of the lifestyle the best way they possibly can. The group made up of Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf operate from a higher plateau with their wine or bubbly soaked melodic flows, lush atmospheric trap backdrops, and penchant for vivid lyricism and painting luxurious lifestyles that many wish to attain.

From the dark trippy opening track “Strings” to the upbeat bright vibes of “Open” or the ethereal sounds of “Body Roll” the crew breaks down the dynamics of attaining a certain level of notoriety in this social media age. The internet can make it all fancy and rosy but real life is far from perfect and the work that goes into making it can be detrimental on different levels. The project also showcases their unique versatility as they infuse different sounds and genres as shown on the dancehall/experimental sounds of “Bodmon Vibes” and the R&B/atmopsheirc “Baddieville.”

The sounds for the most part are consistent courtesy of YoungWolf and Zepfire while the lyrical images were painted by Tremayne, Charlie Noiir, and Scotty IV.

The name STAYOUTLATE was created by Scotty IV and his Manager Jei Parks, based on Scotty’s first single by the same name that put the collective on the map. The first iteration of the group was formed in 2014 with founding members Tremayne and Scotty IV as artists and Jei Parks and Erkz as managers. The group’s message strongly revolves around the idea of a rose that grew from concrete. the range of each artist is what sets STAYOUTLATE apart from other groups. Between the melodies and delivery of Charlie Noiir and Scotty IV, the alternative hip hop appeal of Tremayne and YoungWolfs roots in EDM, STAYOUTLATE truly has something for everyone. with their fast-growing buzz in North America and a budding fan base in Europe this collective’s stars will surely continue to brighten.

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