My OZ dude “Develop” has a new collaboration called “The Crate Tape EP” with their MC “Stateovmind”. One track collab features Canberra base MC “Nix”. Check out the description below here and name-your-price.
“The 4th Solo EP from Stateovmind.
The Crate Tape EP is an ode to a time when beatmakers flicked through dusty records in milk crates, and rappers wrote rhymes with a pad and a pen. It is for the hip hop fan that likes their drums and samples dirty but still manages to keep it fresh even in that pair of slightly scuffed/grimy sneakers.
This is the fourth solo release from Stateovmind and it sees him take a slight detour away from the cleaner sounds of his previous releases and create a homage to the tried, tested and effective ‘boom bap formula’. The EP is produced by Develop (Beat Basement Records) who has dug deep into his record crates and selected the finest samples to chop, flip and play out on his MPC.
The end result is a tribute of sorts; to a time in the 90’s when people first connected with hip hop music, a time when you listened to your favorite rap album on a dubbed TDK cassette tape. Sit back and reminisce.”

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