Asian-American rapper, songwriter, and singer, Star2 enlists Lil Poppa for their second collaboration titled “Pain.”

The duo display transparency and harsh truths that depict the trauma they’ve endured. It delves into their state of conflicting emotions but also offers a sense of hope.

A dramatic arrangement of striking melodies and splendid keys encompasses the heaviness as well as the tenderness of the record. It also captures and highlights the emotive lyrical performance from Star2 and Lil Poppa.

The hook alone will pull on heartstrings, “This pain I’m feeling inside it comes and goes the nightmare, if you were in my shoes you’ll feel the same pain, it’s ok it’s my pain I’ll find a way to fix it.”

The record gives an intense insight into what youth truly feel and experience. It touches on the battle between coping with drugs or attempting to live sober which can feel like death hitting the cement face first. So what’s to be done when society charges, and taxes to provide help?

Star2 and Lil Poppa express what youth around the world face. Although it’s a sad record it exploits what needs to be seen and heard. Stream “Pain” and connect with Star2 below.

Connect with Star2

Watch the compelling video for “Pain” below



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