The truth about projects such as this is that there isn’t a middle ground, you either love it or hate it. While I won’t go out on a limb and proclaim this as the best thing I have heard in a minute, I would say one thing. Stan Ipcus is such an entertaining character, so much as to call him unpredictable, lackadaiscal(which fortunately makes it more interesting) and his vast array of pop references.

The project is basically ebbs and flows exploring several soundscapes and emotions but the story telling is somewhat compelling and really shines throughout the project. Ippy strut though, now that is my jam! Need I say more?

Think The Mask, Ferris Bueller, 80s/90s hip hop and then some. You beg to differ, well lay your thoughts below.

White Plains, New York rapper Stan Ipcus is pleased to present his debut album Local Legend. The 10 track album is made up of recordings that span the last decade and have never been officially released, and not only showcase his unique, suburban New York street style and production, but they also tell the story of his life as a semi-pro rapper turned husband/father of two young boys. His story is unique in that through his various highlights, successes, and affiliations, Stan got a healthy taste of rap stardom without ever leaving home to become a full-time rap artist. Local Legend is now available for purchase through all major digital retailers. 


01. Pay U No Mind (prod. by Joe Naughty)

02. Clark Griswold (prod. by Stan Ipcus)

03. Ippy Strut (prod. by Stan Ipcus)

04. Hammer (feat. Matty B) [prod. by Stan Ipcus]

05. Wifey Material (prod. by Stan Ipcus and Max Bent)

06. How I Met Your Mother (prod. by Roga Raph)

07. Hot 97 Interlude (feat. Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds & Matisyahu)

08. My Ferris Buellers (prod. by Stan Ipcus)

09. Slow Ya Roll (prod. by Roga Raph)

10. Dan Dynamite (prod. by Stan Ipcus & Max Bent)



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