Sonny Seeza (Of Onyx Fame) takes us intot he heart of it all as he drops the visuals for his recently released single “Everywhere” . Nothing like that good old hard hitting hip-hop to keep the adrenaline pumping for the week. Hit the play button and get with the program.

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With a career spanning over two decades, East Coast rap stalwart Sonny Seeza has truly been “Everywhere.” But rather than showcase his international exploits in his new video, the former Onyx member takes it back to where it all began: Brooklyn.

Throughout the visuals, the explosive MC embraces the energy of the track, which is produced by Swiss producer DJ Def Cut. Sonny and his crew to stunt through BK, where they take to the streets, hit the club, and enjoy the nightlife, all while the film crew of PW Films (also hailing from Switzerland) captures the footage.

Much like the track itself, the video for “Everywhere” is a celebration of Sonny’s achievements both throughout his legendary career, and more recently. Specifically, they’re putting their glasses up to toast the release of his latest solo project, Bridges, which absolutely needs to be on your radar (especially if you’re a hardcore Hip-Hop head).

Bridges is now available for download through iTunes and all major digital retailers, via Empire Music.

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