Smoke Skwad is an inter-state duo with members from Inglewood, CA and New Jersey. The duo Spek Show and PZ Tyse display a mix of grime and smoothness concurrently on the track titled “Bout The Doe”, they throw in street tales with some humour to match over this broody backdrop laced by Czar. Like the title suggests, they give props to everyday individuals trying to stay afloat by any means necessary with an unapologetic vibe.

Bout The Doe is taken off Spek’s solo project “One For The Money”. Hit the play button and tune in.

Smoke Skwad members Spek Show and PZ Tyse connect for a gloomy, grimy, and slick-talkin’ new track, “Bout the Doe,” boasting fittingly blunted production from Czar.

Born and bred in Inglewood, CA in the era of NWA and Too $hort, among other greats, you’d assume that Spek’s approach would have that West Coast vibe. The thing is, he gravitated toward the opposite coast, and its legends like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. No surprise, then, that Spek flows so naturally alongside Tyse, who calls Teaneck, N.J. home but has roots in Harlem and Los Angeles.

It was actually in greater L.A. where the two met back in the day, recording tracks together as part of Smoke Skwad, and realizing how well they complement each other. Their knack for collaborating is instantly apparent when you hear them trade verses packed with like-minded energy, grit, and wordplay on “Bout the Doe.”

The gruff-voiced Spek notes that he’s been a problem since Slick Rick rapped “La Di Da Di” in ‘85, and that’s no bullsh*t—he recently ended a 16-year bid for bank robbery charges. The hunger that built during his time behind bars is evident, as is his ability to balance tough talk and lighthearted rhymes. Those qualities receive an ample boost from Tyse, who kicks off the track with a verse that’ll have you laughing all the way into Spek’s sing-song hook.

“Bout the Doe” will appear on Spek’s upcoming solo debut, One For The Money, while a group project for Smoke Skwad is in the works. Give “Bout the Doe” a listen, and stay tuned for more material from the crew.

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