Los Angeles-based Chicago singer/songwriter/producer Sloane Skylar is not new to us and her brand of genre-bending music kept us coming back to her. Her latest effort titled ” Party By Myself”, is a heartfelt and melodic tune that dwells on self-love, growth and her using music as a form of therapy against daily hurdles and such. Over a bright and atmospheric but bouncy backdrop, Sloane takes us on a journey of self-development and defying all the detractors with lines like “Said I wouldn’t go places/ Singin’ on these stages/ You didn’t see me comin’/ But now I’m in your faces“. She also sounds playful as she comes to terms with her personal growth and asserts herself on the chorus as follows “I throw a party by myself/ Blast the speakers real loud, Just me and the music/ Don’t need nobody else“. She is also joined by Long Island, New York-based rapper/singer  Dampszn who adds his own 2 cents to the track.


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