Italian producer Slim One   rallies lyrical mercenaries  Termanology and Chris Rivers   for new single and video “Just Do It.”

More prolific than any Nike commercial, the video begins with a fresh young kid spewing spoken word about crazy dreams. He utilizes his innocence to remind us that even without eyes to see, or hands to hold, or feet to walk we can still pursue those crazy dreams with hearts of gold.

Rivers wastes no time and jumps right in with magnetized remnants of his father represented on his Timb’s and tee-shirt eager to erupt lyrical venom. Bar for bar the powerhouse describes his ruthless passion and agility for erasing fraudulent rappers off the map.

As an independent artist with a music catalog of 36 projects, it only makes sense for Termanology to drop come-up jewels on this record and phase out mocked rappers. These haters telling lies cause’ they terrified, I’m going Penny Wise on rappers ‘til every penny is mine, life is good my shorty guzzling cherry wine.”

The unsparing deliverance from the duo is amplified over the grimy production and unyielding knocks of Slim One mixed with classic Hip-Hop cuts and scratches. “Just Do It” is the leading single off Slim’s forthcoming project “Iconic” which is executively produced by Termanology.

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