SIVH releases his new single titled “Lnly.” His smooth harmonies commence the record and emanate contemporary R&B vibes. A catchy lyrical performance flows over soulful, sonic arrangements with striking textures that amplify potent aspects of the record.

SIVH shows off a signature hustle and grind that’s led to his earned success. He knows how life is designed so he needs to put faith in his work, not in magic.

During the record, SIVH also proclaims if you weren’t there before the spotlight, don’t attempt to come around now. While he was down he was laughed at and now on the come up he’s shadowed by fake love and clout chasers. his proclamation is offered by a distinct R&B and slight Hip Hop nuptial.

Don’t let the suave vocals and sleek melodies entice from SIVH’s message. Steam “Lnly” and connect with SIVH below.

Connect with SIVH


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