2nd Floor Samurais a new Hip-hop duo, straight out the SF Bay Area(California) Underground Hip Hop scene and comprises of veteran MC’s Orukusaki and Kensho Kuma. Both MC’s are seasoned homegrown independent Hip-Hop artists whose roots can be traced back to the late nineties, with respective projects, international tours, and a strong local presence.

Our main purpose for contacting you, is in hopes to tap into your targeted audience. We know its quite obvious you may get a lot of request’s and people wanting something from your website but If you decide to air any of our material, We can promise to do our part to cross promote to our immediate fan base to help you guys generate more traffic. If There is anything in return we can do to help please feel free to get back to us at your earliest convenience. Thanks again & we hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you,

2nd Floor Samurais

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