Indie rock/hip-hop artist SEER SEEKER shares with us his latest release titled To The Core. The 8-track body of work is filled with hard-hitting tracks that blend energetic raps with rock-infused melodies and edgy guitar-driven backdrops.

The first track “STARLIGHT” is introduced by an atmospheric and sombre texture before SEER SEEKER’s world-weary vocal comes into play alongside the rousing distorted bassline. It’s quite an interesting production as it rises to a plateau before resolving itself towards the end. This is followed by the haunting pads of “DIRT TO DUST” which slowly builds up into a punchy cinematic piece peppered by impassioned raps that center on self-reliance in a concrete jungle filled with predators. The dynamics are quite engaging and the beat weaves in a layered tapestry that transports audiences into SEER SEEKER’s world.  On “CHASE GOLD SATY COLD”, the rapper employs a machine gun flow over the moody trap-rock-infused backdrop laid before him and embodies the spirit of a man who is laser-focused on his goals while cutting off detractors and negative elements.


The following tracks “GONE TOO LONG” and “LIGHT IT UP” are two edgy and off-kilter tracks that showcase SEER SEEKER’s knack for crafting emotion-laden pieces with much exuberance and fiery spirit inside of him.  “GONE TOO LONG”  is a tribute to his never-say-die spirit and his rising from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix with lines like “But before I start to drop/I would rather die before I stop” before raising the ante with his impassioned hooks. This energy continues on the track  “LIGHT IT UP” which is introduced by a cinematic sound design, distorted guitar lines and punchy rock drums underpinned by SEER SEEKER’s irreverent demeanour as he breaks free from the social restraints holding him back as he sings “Tie me down, make a fool of me/so we ride to the tip top of the world/ No, you can’t rule me” with all his might. The next track “ALL THE WAY”, is a dark and ominous nu-metal track that is ripe with emotion-filled melodies and insightful raps that centre on self-discovery and being true to oneself.


The project closes out with “ANIMAL SPIRITS and “FOUND IT”, the former has a synth-driven bounce that is somewhat cinematic while the latter’s heavy bass line is as prevalent as stormy weather bringing the project full circle with its engulfing energy. Overall, the project is a showcase of emotions and vulnerability with an edgy aesthetic and the blend of nu-metal, rock and hip-hop is seamless and distinct.





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