Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Austin Willacy is not green in the music industry. As a musician, he has worked with The House Jacks with whom he has produced 10 full-length albums and completed multiple world tours, for 2 decades he directed ‘Til Dawn, Youth in Arts’ award-winning teen a cappella group that empowers youth to find their voices in many ways. As a solo artist, he has a handful of LPs and a couple of EPs to his name and his music has appeared on different mediums such as The Sing-Off, Road Rules in Australia and feature-length films. With that being said, Austin returns to the forefront with a brand new project entitled Gonna Be Alright EP, a 5 track body of work that takes elements from a host of genres ranging from R&B/blues/soul and more while diving into the topic of adversity, inner strength, self-discovery and resilience. The EP also sees Austin collaborating with Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Rich Jacques, who met at a songwriting immersive after the 2022 Hawaii Songwriting Festival. After the songwriting festival, Rich went up to Berkeley, where he and Austin wrote and recorded 4 songs in 3 days at his home studio.


The opening track “No Apologies (for Being Me)” is an unapologetic and uplifting tune that centres on being true to one’s self at all times. The production is as rousing as they come and it’s bolstered by bright guitar plucks, groovy drums and an overwhelming uplifting energy peppered with Austin’s rich melodic runs. The title sure speaks for itself but more importantly, the song aims to implore audiences to do the same and live up to their respective expectations instead of waiting for external validation. Lines like “Though you may not understand what you see /I make no apologies for being me/I’m exactly who I want to be /I make no apologies for being me ” ring true and should be printed on a shirt for all to remember. This is followed by the title track  “Gonna Be Alright”, a laidback and reflective track that explores the dynamics of friendship and relationship. Over the soft guitar riffs and warm pads, Austin reflects on the pain that comes after the loss and the slow process of coming to terms with one’s predicament. From broken communication to the withering away of the love that was once, Austin gives us an emotion-filled performance as he sings

Now that we’re grown

How do we grow

If we don’t speak about anything real

Let’s talk like we’re friends

He highlights the sadness that engulfs the heart knowing things would never be the same but he doesn’t let up and adds a glimmer of hope in the chorus reminding us that it’s gonna be alright, real soon. Watch the visuals below.


“I’m Not Gonna Stop” is an edgy rock-pop-infused piece made up of electrifying guitar riffs, punchy drums and slapping bass arrangement that rises to a plateau on the chorus section. Here, Austin embodies the spirit of the go-getter who is beset on all sides by doubt, detractors but armed with an indomitable spirit he rises above it all as he proclaims “I’m not gonna stop /I’m going straight to the top/Everyone lookin’ at me like they think I’m gonna lay down and die“. Next is the inspirational Gospel-tinged track “Better Days Are Gonna Come” where he teamed up with his friend and mentor, Patricia Bahia. Together they deliver the perfect motivational anthem for us all by using our collective pain and anguish felt from a world where injustice seems to reign and they redirect the negativity into pure positivity. The final track “Saw You in the Light” is the perfect closer as it ends on a reflective and solemn note with a focus on personal loss, nostalgia and acknowledgement of life’s fleeting nature. Inspired by the death of his close friend, Austin takes us to a time long forgotten where they had no worries in the world and how time passes and things changed forever. Bolstered by the warm melancholic guitar-laden backdrop he pays a bittersweet picture for his late friend with lines like

I’m driving by your street tonight

I know you’re not at home

It helps me to remember

So I don’t feel alone

He immortalized their friendship on wax and came to terms with the fact that he would never see his friend in this world again.  The song also comes with an animated lyric video that follows the timeline of Austin’s friendship and brings it full circle with emotionally gripping motifs and visual progression. Watch it below.






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