Korean producer Sangjak graces our site with his brand of beat making with the release of his new beat titled “Work Tape (2020 Remastered).”

The track starts off on a solid note with lush anthemic guitars and crispy drums. He makes use of the loops here and even flips it with off-the-cuff sound designs and effects resembling pause tapes and more. Also, there is a solid switch in the second half as he makes use of a mellow texture to close out the beat.

Get “Work Tape (2020 Remastered)” on Apple Music//Deezer

Bio – ‘Seung-Yeol Park’ has been continuing his artist and producer career with a pen-name ‘Sangjak (想作)’. This Artist name composes of two Chinese characters ’想’ which means to think and is pronounced ‘Sang’ and ‘作’ which means to make or create and is pronounced ‘Jak’, overall meaning ‘I will create everything I think of”.


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