Quannum and Solesides co-founder, Grammy nominated MC, Lateef the Truth Speaker has joined forces with acclaimed Bay Area DJ and producer Jah Yzer and the multi-talented musician and reggae artist Winstrong. Together they have combined elements of dancehall, reggae, and hop-hop into their own brand of Revolutionary Culture Music with a Bay Area bend on their newest project as Roots & Tings. The new music draws deeply and respectfully from the history of the genres while pushing a new vibe to create powerful and provocative tracks. Winstrong states, “Our mission described best, would be learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations. Roots and Tings is a community of curious souls with a generous goal to engage with each other thru the stories told.”

Roots & Tings debut LP, “All of This” has received critical acclaim from tastemaker outlets like Earmilk, HipHopDX and more! Recently Roots & Tings released a video for ‘Dominoes,’ a catchy groove with subversive lyricism hitting on their revolutionary culture music stylings. Coming out on the heals of the new video is the single ‘We’, currently only available on the Bandcamp exclusive “TALK – ACTION = ZERO VOL. 2″ compilation. Roots & Tings adds, “‘We’ is about unity & solidarity in the face of adversity & oppression, personally & politically. The video speaks to the power of the people with a visual that- ironically- only uses flags.” 

Reflecting back on the new project, Lateef comments, “It is an ode to the love affair between Hip-Hop and Reggae music since the inception of hip hop. The music is a combination of all the different iterations through the years, of both genres.” Agreeing Winstrong adds, “Roots and Tings. Music to guide our perception.”

Check out the new website of the group to get their merch and for more information you can follow the band on Facebook, and Instagram

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