Hard-working rapper/songwriter Rio Thomas returns with the visuals for his introspective single “3 (Sip Slow’)”. The track produced by FROwNS has a sombre and melancholic feel and works perfectly with Rio’s laidback and unassuming flow and unique songwriting that dives into the concept of healthy living and his vegan lifestyle while managing the daily stress of life. The track itself exudes a soothing and relaxing mood while Rio’s engaging rhyme schemes draw listeners in with a pensive double chorus at the end of the song where he repeats “3 herbs in one tea/ Sarsaparilla, Burdock Root, and Elderberry/ N’ I’ma sip slow/ this life fast...”

The visual has a psychedelic feel and makes use of short performance shots of Rio as he gets rid of the stress of his mind with an homemade healthy brew.


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