Washington D.C.-based uprising hip-hop artist Rich Daddy delivers his new project God Got Me, which serves as the first of five God Got Me music releases. The 7 track body of work gives listeners a glimpse into his entrepreneurial exploits, faith in God and determination to be successful despite all the odds against him. 


“Chef Rap” sets the tone with its anthemic production and hard-hitting soundscape. Over the dark and scenic synths, moody pads and thumping trap drums, Rich Daddy puts on his A-game with bars like “I get up in the morning and drop a game like an arcade on every bar” and proceed to assert his status as a winner on the chorus. This is followed by “Feel’n so Good”, a mid-tempo track that sees Rich Daddy wallowing in his successes. Armed with his distinct and somewhat off-beat southern drawl, the rapper delivers a bravado-laden performance that details his daily wins over the detractors which culminate in the chorus where he retorts “Feel’n so Good, yeah, can’t even hear what haters say/ It’s like they all look it up but then I gotta look down” before paying homage to his parents who supported him all the way.


“Pray 2 God” is a solemn and reflective track that centers on his tumultuous life and how his belief in a higher power set him on the right path as he makes a way with his music. He looks back at all the things he did and shows appreciation for the small mercies. “Cold World” starts off with a solemn synth-pad and crunchy drum break before Rich Daddy’s vocals come into play. Here the rapper takes us down into his streets and details all the experiences and events that shape him. From betrayals, personal loss and downtimes, Rich Daddy shows us the darker side of this thing called life and how the world is truly cold. “Big Boss Hoss” is a braggadocios track that invites listeners deep into Rich Daddy’s exquisite lifestyle and the other excesses he can afford. Again, he shines with his unorthodox southern drawl. It’s quite unassuming but stands out for being peculiar and distinct.


“Bless You” is a Gospel-infused track with rich choral vocals and hard-hitting drums. Here, Rich Daddy doesn’t hold back in singing praises to God and lines like “Can’t say too much, ama say it again, Thank you God/Here is forgiveness, I only ask it from God/Say it with me, I’m a sinner” cements his belief and faith in the almighty. Even after the bravado and lyrical flexing, he still shows reverence to God and reminds us that he couldn’t do it by himself but by the grace of God, he was able to achieve his dreams. The project closes out with “Daddy Gospel”, a solemn piano-driven track that once again sees Rich Daddy in introspective mode as he reflects on his relationship with God. He acknowledges his failings and the errors in his ways as he constantly asks for forgiveness and appreciates the blessings he has received thus far.


Overall, God Got Me is an interesting and rich body of work that centers around the life of a man who is trying to balance his faith in God with his art. He shows listeners his failings and also gives them a glimpse of the good life.


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