Because we didn’t had the blog for the most part of 2009, we weren’t listening to as much music as we are nowadays…

As a result, I am finding new albums/artists that came out last year almost on the daily, some of these are very dope, but there’s a couple that I really need to mention and add to this list of the best of 2009…as they are too good to miss out for anyone looking for good music.

First one up…

Daniel Joseph – Pretty/UglyDaniel Joseph – Gone

I was really surprised with the album, and was not expecting half as much as I never heard of D Joseph before. But this is one of those surprises that keep you smiling from beginning to end. The album is easy to listen to, and the more you listen the more addictive it gets.

The whole album is crafted with care with very intricate lyrics and simple but powerful beats, you can tell that D Joseph grew on 90’s hiphop, and throwout the album there’s little splashes of this that pay due respect to the pioneers….

Favorite Tracks:

1- And I

4 –  Fly On Paper

5 –  Off Course

6 – Reign

7 – Coffee & Cigarettes

8 – Hello Goodbye

12 – Gone

Out of 12 Tracks  7 of them are super dope in my book, but I am sure depending on taste you will like more or less….but one thing is sure, if you like good hiphop, you’ll appreciate this album regardless.

Daniel Joseph / Pretty Ugly / Listening Session pt 1

Check Part 2 to 4 at HighWater Music

Daniel Joseph / Pretty Ugly In Store at Fat Beats NYC

I’ll do the second album in a separate post later on….it will give you time to appreciate this one a bit longer.

Would be great to know what do you’all think once you have a listen.


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