Re.decay is an American/German production duo comprised of genre-fluid composers, Owen Ross and Emanuel Bender. On their sophomore single titled “Ghost”, they team up with emcee Brian Ennals who provides solid verses over the thick booming funky backdrop laid by Ross and Bender. The track has a dark ominous vibe but the funk element is not understated as it sure cuts through the thick foggy bassline that permeates through the speakers. As the title suggests, the track gives off an eerie feel as well as Ennals off-the-cuff lyrics which he mentioned was inspired by Ghostface in his Supreme Clientele days and his own past bad experiences and struggles. He approaches the topic from a tongue-in-cheek manner and shows that he is human beneath it all.

“Ghost” is taken from their Down Long Enough EP



Both Ross and Bender are currently based in Berlin. While Bender was raised there, Ross hails from New York. Re.decay cites formative years spent in New York and Berlin as hugely influential in their creative development. Participating in such vast and diverse artistic communities was invaluable in expanding their perspectives and honing their crafts. The two bring a wide range of musical knowledge to the table. Ross’ mother is a former Opera singer and he cut his teeth as a guitarist in Baptist churches in Boston. Bender, on the other hand, studied Film-Music Composition at Jazz&Pop ArtEZ,  learned multiple Instruments including Violin, Piano, Guitar, and Drums, and spent years independently studying music production and engineering.

Re.decay combine multiple genres and influences into a coherent and bold new production style. As producers, they have a deep respect for those who have come before them and note the direct influence of J Dilla, Apollo Brown, Prefuse 73, Madlib, DJ Premier and Pete Rock. Their musical vocabulary, however, traverses far and wide and they also consider Jimi Hendrix, A-Wa, The Staples Singers, Nina Simone, and Oneohtrix Point Never as vital influences. Their own work brings to mind iconic collaborations in the likes of J Dilla & D’Angelo, The Gorillaz & Del The Funky Homosapien, and Dam Funk & Snoop Dog.


Down Long Enough Tracklist:

1. Down Long Enough (Radio Edit)

2. Sun In The Morning (feat. ADH, Mawcom X, Sedric Perry)

3. Ghost (feat. Brian Ennals)

4. Harper (feat. K. Marie Kim)

5. Hasselhoff (feat. Brian Ennals)

6. Olanante (feat. ADH, Sedric Perry)

7. Down Long Enough (Extended Edit feat. ADH)


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Keep up with  Brian Ennals |Facebook – Youtube – Instagram

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