Emerging Toronto-based singer/songwriter Rayl was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica before moving to Canada at 11 years of age. Growing up in a music-loving home, she fell in love with R&B and was later inspired by modern R&B/soul singers from Jhene Aiko, Rihanna to Kehlani. She released her debut EP Romeo Must Die, a while ago and now she returns to the scene with her new single “Summertime”. The record sees her teaming with singer/songwriter Erin B and producer Adam Josh to create a guitar-driven summer love ballad. Over the lush sombre guitar riffs and snaps, Rayl opens up the floodgates of emotions with her unique melodic runs and rich vocal tone. She opens up about being insecure with this blossoming love and appeals to her man to not break her heart. Fellow singer Erin B plays the opposite role and assures her that his intentions are pure and he will treat her the right way.

The song slowly builds as the duo interweaves their distinct melodic styles underpinned by layered harmonies and evocative lyrics that listeners can relate to.

“Summertime” is the precursor to Rayl’s upcoming film project for her Romeo Must Die EP, which is set for release at the end of the year.


Stream “Summertime”  on YouTubeDeezer.

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