Ray Kincaid brings verbal justice with his 11 minute piece titled Handshake 2. Over  varying broody soundscapes he tackles the current issues from social injustice, police brutality and the general outlook of the American establishment.


Check it out now.

There is no secret that America has some serious issues when it comes to the topic of race. With another person becoming a hashtag seemingly every day at the hands of police brutality people are making a stand. An artist making a stand is Jackson, MS MC Ray Kincaid who just released his new single “Handshake 2”. Starting aggressively Kincaid kicks off the track with a sound fit for a revolt. It then slowly transitions into spoken word and then a dialogue session. In these rough times it’s important to have art to reflect the climate and this is that.  The track features production from Lebanon Don with help from DJ O and will live on the upcoming “Bizarre Arcade” project.

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