Indian-born, Bay area-based freestyle rapping champion RawJaw shares the visuals for an insightful anthem titled “Grow Food (Indian Farmers Anthem).” Inspired by the ongoing demonstration in India by Sikh farmers against the powers that be, RawJaw decides to take a stand to lend a platform to the unheard voices being oppressed in his native country. Over a bouncy, sitar-laden backdrop, he shares his thoughts on the issue offering a peaceful and diplomatic way to solve the problem as opposed to violence. The song is produced by WLK, RawJaw’s 17-year-old brother, and features vocalists A’niche and Jazba.

The video is directed by Jamie DeWolf and splices images of the Sikh farmers tending to the crops and also how the Indian police are mistreating them while they protest for their rights. It also sees RawJaw organizing a march across the Golden Gate Bridge. He hopes the video will bring light to the issue and show Indian-Americans’ solidarity with the farmers’ struggle.

Regarding the farmer’s situation in India, Rawjaw has this to say.

“I heard about this issue in a family discussion around Indian politics. When I noticed my family being dismissive of the Sikh farmers, who were organizing the largest protest in human history, I decided to look more into the issue. I was emotionally moved by the fortitude of protesting farmers who camped on the roads for months. I felt ashamed that old protestors were being beaten by the police, while the Indian media was either silent or contradictory to the farmers’ complaints against the new bills. I created the song to help explain the complex issue to a Western audience, and also show that young Indian-Americans are capable of uniting behind the farmers, whether we are Hindu, Sikh, or any other religion.

You can also lend a helping hand via Farmer Protests // Punjabi Farmers.

Listen to RawJaw’s album here.

Artist bio: Raised in the Bay Area, RawJaw began freestyle rapping at thirteen and became a freestyle champion in 2019, eleven years later. His accolades include winning at Tourettes Without Regrets, Return of the Cypher, ZuluNation RTSB, and Battle of the Zae. Born in Rajasthan, India, his name RawJaw is a play on both his birthplace and on the Hindi word for king, “raja.” After releasing collab mixtapes with European producer Masta Dbl G and with Seattle beat battle champ Bamboon, RawJaw is releasing his first EP, “Pomegranate Seeds,” with production from his brother WLK. His live performances are marked by freestyles and crowd call-and-response chants that deliver the energy of underground cyphers.

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