Brooklyn representative Raul Gee presents his side to a story of the struggle of an artist trying to make it in the music business while dealing with internal family challenges. Aptly titled “When This Blows Over”, Raul Gee starts off by detailing his past relationships with certain family members who are not in full support of his career choice. He doesn’t make it from a place of self-pity but rather from a very objective place. His mellow flow and passionate vocal performance capture the essence of the song from top to bottom.


Brooklyn born, rap artist Raul Gee is a member of the record label ‘Gold Paradise Group’ who tells stories about both the rising struggles and sizzling matters within his youth generation, social injustices, and propaganda in the media and entertainment industries. Renowned in his community, Raul started freestyling, writing poetry and rap songs at the age of twelve with inspiration from his cousin and a rapper named ‘Cassidy.’ Raul’s innovative lyrics creatively intertwines his collective thoughts and personal experiences that create visual specs for his audience to get an overview of his inner world.


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