Yall didn’t sleep on the duo “RælBlz” did you?.. Introducing the release of the optical heater entitled “Bullsh!t”.. Here you can imagine principles and derivatives thriving amongst the daily life we live… Well “Real J Wallace” and “GodLee Barnes aka Blu” take you on adventure from a place with out the bull sh!t with new surroundings and fresh start onto new civilization with new concepts birthed to success… Either way you can read it from my mouth about it or you can read and feel it from “RælBlz”.. Take it from me, it’s better to see it and feel it from the visuals posted up here.. Continue to read on with more information about it.. Peace and slap!

“This video is where art , religion and space collide. We (Nahjee Ramba & I) GRO tired of Eartth’s Gravity and oppression, So we take the principles that defy physics and pack them up with other essential belongings. We then leave the planet and settle in another dimension to start a new civilization and look at a new sky, where new ideas can be birthed.” – Real J Wallace

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