Humanoide is the latest release from producer RADicule who is a member of Roots Of Society, a record label based in Buffalo, NY (who we featured in our previous post), and these guys are pushing the envelope when it comes to crafting highly potent beat tapes. While I may be new to RADicule’s work (his last release was Waltz To Ganymede, a cowboy bebop tribute of some sorts), I’m surely going to be tuning in to this guy more than ever.

Humanoide is what I would call a transdimensional audio sojourn into the deep, dark corridors where the unexpected is the norm. RADicule plays the puppet master on this project, twisting a myriad of sounds and backdrops and weaving them into something unimaginable. He completely strays from the norm even when using familiar loops and drum breaks but his most powerful weapon has to be the layering(Holy White LinesGettin’ Here/Yesterday’s Me) and from a producer’s point of view; he effortlessly impresses from start to finish.

I need not reiterate the cohesiveness in the chaotic themes used here as RADicule keeps the audience guessing on every track.

A very solid project indeed. Get with the program.

HUMANOIDE is RADIcule. it’s my sanity, insanity, grief, pleasure, all that. let it love your eardrum. simple. #HUMANOIDE. stay golden listeners.

– RADIcule

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