“Perfect Love” is what happens when two multi-talented musicians team-up to deliver solid output. The duo of producer Rachel Eckroth and vocalist Sy Smith share the video for their collaborative single which is the culmination of their years of working together.

“Perfect Love” sure captures the title in more ways than one. From the lush and dreamy textures, groovy drum arrangements, and Smith’s honeyed vocals, the record takes the listener deep into the place of calm. The visuals also raise the ante with its heavy visual effects and psychedelic aesthetics.

It’s not the first time they’ve worked together. Eckroth and Smith met while touring the world with jazz trumpeter Chris Botti; they’ve since made guest appearances at each other’s shows, and they’ve featured on each other’s solo recordings. But it’s fair to call “Perfect Love” the fullest flowering of their ongoing collaboration – a track that testifies to a deep musical understanding between these two musicians. The song starts as easy as daybreak. It rides in on a tide of synthesizer and artfully-muffled drumbeats. Once Sy Smith graces the track with her voice, “Perfect Love” intensifies and deepens and becomes the rarest thing in modern pop – a sexy and altogether grown-up song. By its conclusion, both Smith and Eckroth are shooting the works, spinning out runs of notes that twist and sparkle and dazzle, wrapping the listener in music.

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