Q the Philosopher is a person that represents a work in progress but that progress, is one gift that keeps on giving. The rapper’s quest into music started to take shape when he dropped a mixtape at the end of 2012. As of 2018, Q was in full steam and gradually coming to his own as an artist. His work has continued to morph to a unique sound and the work rate has not slowed down still. Cohesiveness is his thing as a rapper and a songwriter and Q the Philosopher tries his best to exhibit this in his artistry. He is really working at on his production skills and very eager to show off his abilities in this department as soon as is possible. ‘Acclimate’ is the new song from Q and in his words; “I like lyricism and introspection when it comes to making music so when making the song “Acclimate” I tried to paint a picture of wanting something better. The feeling originated from a want to be in a better position in life whether it be spiritually or financially. Either way it is a song about persevering through whatever is troubling you but remaining true to who you are through that process.”

You can stream the song on Deezer and Apple then go follow Q the Philosopher on Instagram and Twitter.

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