It’s kinda appropriate that just a couple of days after the spiritually immortal Neil Armstrong passes away Blunted Astronaut* Records drop this dope release. They’re taking off right about now, with every release on point and on vinyl, just like the good old days. Five star boom-bap Hip-Hop. Loads of info, all you need, after the jump.

Blunted Astronaut Records & DSC present:

Propo’88 & Kick Back, talented beatsmiths from the production team of Da Shogunz.

Propo & Kick Back grew up listening to underground Hip-Hop. As they got older, they started to get influenced by the culture as a whole and began creating music themselves, currently for Da Shogunz.

Da Shogunz are a European Hip-Hop crew based in the Netherlands.

At present, the crew includes: 2 MC’s (BlabberMouf and Corown Da Sensei aka CDS) and 4 producers (Propo’88, Truffel The Phunky Phaqir, DJ Realize and Kick Back, who moved from Canada to Holland to become part of the group).

Da Shogunz, along with Het Verzet are the elite of underground Hip-Hop movement in Holland. With each member of the group contributing their unique style, together they form a strong foundation for boom-bap’s inevitable revival.

This 12

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