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Blazo released a two track preview of his upcoming album Colors of Jazz a few days back…it sound great, and judging by his previous work, it’s only a sign that the rest of the album is going to be equally as good. This is one you really want to jot down on your calendars.

Blazo was featured on our wildly popular compilation “Hope For Tomorrow”

Colors of Jazz” out 18th of June

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Album Tracklist After The Jump…

1.Natural Green 02:23
2.Essential Violet
3.Fragile Gold 02:59
4.Sky Blue
5.Distant Graphite
6.Fresh Orange
7.Misty Sapphire
8.Smoky Grey
9.Illusive Azure
10.Brisk Yellow
11.Clever Red
12.Double Silver
13.Mellow Brown
14.Transient Sepia
15.Reflecting Purple
16.Through The Jazz
17.Pure White (outro)
18.Dock Ellis ft. 49’ers (remix)

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