Prepare to take a trip in to the depths of the mind with K-Embry‘s The Grey Market, premiered right here on Word Is BondThe Grey Market is a perfectly crafted psychedelic entity, steeped in the axioms of hip hop – samples and loops are the base – but are intertwined delicately to form a manifestation that works exceedingly well in both vibing out, so having it down in the background as you phase out of reality, or by approaching analytically. Motifs and breaks begin to form some semblance of pattern, before being snatched away.

The thing about K-Embry’s work is that he makes this characteristic sound almost arbitrary, but once you study it, you realise how precise it is. The end result is you can appreciate it on different levels. It definitely makes K-Embry an artist to watch, and I’d be fascinated to see how his philosophy translates from mixes, like these, in to some standalone singles. Like beat tapes with short, skit-like tracks, or something like that. I really enjoy the left-field, liberal approach taken to hip hop by him and the rest of the Black Jungle Squad.

Anyway, if you want something experimental, psychedelic, but fundamentally hip-hop then kick back and enjoy…

In the basement
In the sunlight
A starved individual is heard
In the 3rd dimension
Few will meet this person
Unable to see
Encouraged by what they came from
A soft drug tinker
Is the conscience
Awaiting trial
Daring to be let free
This is an album of heavy trips
A Rolodex of shades in altered states
And until the near future
They can only be found on the GREY MARKET

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