Political Animals is a 4 man hiphop fusion band consisting of emcee Sotorios, bassist Jen, drummer Trenton, and live-sampler DJ Neb. On their latest output, they deliver an upbeat, headnodder titled Who Want Want which is built off perfectly chopped samples, hard hitting drums laced with a funky ass bassline. Visually they team up with director Shane McLellan and the result is pretty engaging and uber entertaining to say the least.
Musically they remind me of a blend of J5, The Roots and Dilated Peoples…weird huh? But certainly DOPE.
*Free .mp3 download: HERE


Political Animals’ new video for “Who Want What” is what happens when you take the key elements of any work of art—the music video, in this case—and completely flip them on their head. That’s due to the handiwork of director Shane McLellan, who has previously worked work with Ceschi, I.N.F., as well as the PACT (Political Animals). Here, he captures the New Haven, Conn. four-piece’s genre-bending approach and applies it to film for something reminiscent of the Beastie Boys’ most influential videos.

Although an album title and release date has yet to be announced, be sure to follow PACT on social media for updates. In the interim, head over to their Bandcamp page if you’d like to support their previous releases.

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