Kings featuring Planet Asia and Ras Kass, off J57 & Numonics’s collaboration project LI FTW gets the visual treatment courtesy of crazy hood film academy. The two suspects( P.A and Rassy Kassy) are well revered for being ardent lyricist from the west coast-which in my opinion always gets the short end of the rap stick when it comes to lyricism even though these cats have been laying the foundation for more than a decade now. Both are affiliated and worked with big names from all coasts and in my opinion paved the way for new age lyricists like *cough* K dot and co *cough* but I digress

Judging from this Numonics laced track, I can only expect greater things from the LI FTW project.

Tune in and get with the program.

Two of Hip-Hop’s legends are creating a new genre of music to pour out your speakers – Black Hockey. Planet Asia and Ras Kass lyrically lay down the cross check, while on the boards, Numonics provides a quaint Renaissance beat that would have brought peace to King Arthur’s court. Last, DJ Heron cuts through the ice with a precise scratch chorus. The self proclaimed “Coachella stick up kid” Planet Asia and Ras Kass who “sips Mojitos out the Stanley Cup,” take turns on the throne in the latest visuals from Crazy Hood Film Academy. You can find “Kings” among other heavy hitters on J57 & Numonics’ LI FTW album dropping later this year.


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