The PHAT FLAVOUR CREW are taking no prisoners as they drop two heavy jams for us to rock with this week. The production crew takes elements from the past and bridges them with the modern-day aesthetics resulting in nostalgic pieces ripe with vibrant grooves and crisp experimental textures.


Taking Back My Love” is the first cut we have and it has a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and a bit of electronic vibe. The drum breaks are superb and give a steady groove where the synths and pulsating basslines weave into one another in a seamless fashion. They also include a sultry vocal to complement the track as well.

Stream “Taking Back My Love” on Spotify,  Apple MusicYouTubeDeezer.


“Love Me To The Limit” is a vibe on its own and it is as nostalgic as they come with its new jack swing drum groove, lush R&B textures, and off-kilter vocal performance.

Stream “Love Me To The Limit” on Spotify.

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