Tel-Aviv-based beatmaker/DJ and producer Peter Spacey and fellow electronic producer Skygaze team up with UK emcee Xidus Pain for this soulful and nostalgic tune titled “THE BLEND.” The production is mellow and layered with it’s overall cinematic feel and of course Xiduisu Pain’s evocative and reflective lyrics to boot. The track comes with a pixelated visualizer that matches the futuristic and atmospheric feel of the track.


Peter Spacey is the stage name of the Tel-Aviv-based beatmaker/DJ and producer Omer Luz. Starting out as a jazz pianist, he expanded his skill set to include turntablism as well as drum machines and several controllers. These days spacey is working on his debut album Nebula which will be released the next summer. 

“THE BLEND” is the second single from the duo’s Collaborative E.P. The E.P. combines influences of Electronica and Spacey Beats, Bass, Glitch, Organic Sounds, Downtempo, Hip Hop & Groove.

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