Washington Height NY rhyme-vets Pearl Gates and Syll finally hit us with their 11 track project ‘Play This 2’ that is rife with dope beats, fresh rhymes and features from Blu, Nelson dialect amongst others. from the intro, the listeners are geared up with the cinematic texture as the crews meet up to kick things off. The first song “Big deals” has a familiar soul sample and it’s well crafted with its solid drums and smooth texture. Pearl Gates and Syll come through with verses that detail their current status. “the Offering” has a more retro boom-bap vibe with an ominous key and hard-hitting drums to match the duo’s insightful lyrics and razor-sharp flows. “9 Rounds” has a broody mellow vibe and dives deep into the street life while “Bring That Over” has a soulful vibe for the duo to detail their unique tryst with the ladies in their life. Another track worth noting is “ALotALuv” has a classic soul sample and explores friendship, love and all the variables they have to deal with. The previously released single “Kingz” with veteran Westcoast emcee Blu still rocks and is a pure display of lyrical flexing of the highest order.  The closing track “Motion” has a solemn, reflective vibe and sure is the perfect way to wrap things up.

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