Nigeria-born, USA-raised hip-hop act Pastor AYU shares the video for his heartfelt, tribute song titled ” #JusticeforSandraBland (Mama).” The track sees him reflecting on the things his mother did for him to keep him safe from holding down the fort to praying for him.

The track starts and ends with a soundbite of the late Sandra Bland who was killed in police custody and layered over the reflective and soulful backdrop. Pastor AYU takes his time to give thanks to his mum and all mothers out there. He adds that Bland’s name is in the title because the name of the album is #SayTheirNames2020 Tribute Album, so the songs were attached to a name that is recognizable in our Pan African struggle for liberation from the Police State.

Pastor Ayu is the founder/ CEO of 53 CELL PRODUCTIONS LLC, a music and film production company. He is also n ordained Pastor, a former lawyer and now he is into producing films and music.

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