Berlin-based half-german/ half-Italian musician/producer who goes by the moniker Pasta Reims makes his mark on our site with two solid instrumentals from his stash. The classically trained pianist has been putting in work as an instrumentalist who also ventured into drums and electric bass. He officially kicked off his career in early 2020 and released his first instrumental compilation and is getting ready for new releases in 2021.

The first cut titled “Rüdiger” takes elements from Reggae/dub, hip-hop, and electronica. From the punchy drums, lush textures and silky guitar stabs, Reims brings forth a whole new refreshing vibe to the forefront.

On the second cut, “Pachamama” he goes for a multi-layered approach. Using Salsa textures and upbeat grooves, he delivers a solid beat ripe with punchy drums and an engaging vocal run that adds a unique feel to it all. He is currently working on a collaborative hip hop ep, with the rapper Sheezy Gold and hissecond beat collection.

Check out more of his works below.



Keep up with Pasta Reims| : Spotify: Bandcamp: Instagram

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