We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Jay Rico – “Papa Bless”

Emerging UK emcee Jay Rico shares his new track “Papa Bless” and it’s sure hits the bullseye. Over a cinematic backdrop, he showcases a laser-focused mentality regarding his work ethic and passion for this thing called rap. The flows are solid and the lyrics are sharp on this one.



TreaZon – “Reason”

Up-and-coming Cleveland emcee TreaZon is energized in the video for his upbeat single “Reason”
The Brett Vance directed video follows him to one of his favorite haunts, the 16-Bit Bar + Arcade in his hometown. Much like his sources of inspiration, the track and the video’s setting add a layer of contrast to the affair. At one moment, TreaZon talks his sh*t and spits quotable bars, and at others, you’re getting nostalgic feelings while wishing that you, too, were surrounded by classic arcade games and pinball machines.
“Reason” is taken from his forthcoming project I Shouldn’t Be Alive. Stream it here.



Forchinado – “Germinate”

Forchinado is all about the art of rhyming on his new song “Germinate.” He makes good use of the upbeat backdrop and blends wordplay with personal insights. He also details how some people fake it instead of doing the right thing but he is totally focused on his craft regardless.

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P. Wess – “Stay Blessed”


Emerging emcee P. Wess uses his new song “Stay Blessed” as a form of therapy after a short hiatus. Over a soulful, solemn backdrop he details a period of his life when things looked bleak and he couldn’t channel his creativeness to make something.
Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Deezer.


John D. Contradiction X Mustela Wick – “Baba Yaga”

Emcee John D. Contradiction and producer Mustela Wick team up for a solid new release titled “Baba Yaga.” Over a broody and dark soundscape crafted by Mustela Wick, John D. Contradiction comes through with dense lyricism and mellow flow to match. He does away with the hooks and gimmicks and gives the listener something to think about.
“Baba Yaga” is the first track off of the duo’s EP John Wick, and it is just the first installment to the trilogy.
Both artists also run a hip hop review blog that shows no bias and equal love to the entire culture of hip hop.

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Suburban – “Blue Sky Rumour”

Emerging rapper Suburban reflects on helplessness on his single “Blue Sky Rumour.” Backed by a cinematic boom-bap beat, he looks at situations that leave one detached from reality while hoping for a change. The lyrics are pretty insightful and dwell on the mental battle people go through daily.
“Blue Sky Rumour” is part of his ongoing BALLOONS music series on SoundCloud.



Bor Luos – “Should’ve Never Said I Do”

Bor Luos‘ “Should’ve Never Said I Do” is a profound look at how lack of self-love affects those around you. The visual follows the blossoming relationship between 2 individuals and shows how the dynamics change as time progresses. It’s very heartwarming and emotionally gripping to say the least. Get it on Apple Music //iTunes //Spotify



JVF Clique – “No Layon’s”

The East Mid based JVF Clique keeps the message crystal clear in the video for their street hustle anthem titled “No Layon’s.” Over Pappa Doc ‘s dark haunting piano backdrop, emcees Chief and Nipper deliver the goods and warn slackers to either have the green or face the consequences.
The JVF has been making music since the mid-’90s.With a background in pirate radio (Mix FM and Real FM in Birmingham and Hinckley Town).There debut LP “Alternative Income” was released in 2009 and their latest Offering The Oligarchy EP dropped last year.
Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.


Raw Soul – “Sunshine” (Prod. By ThatKidGoran)

Raw Soul shares his sun-drenched song “Sunshine” with us. The track has a nice guitar riff and head-nodding drums to match Raw Soul’s mellow flow that detail the soothing feel of the summer season.



Thee Unemployed – “Little Ass Flows”

Thee Unemployed share the 3rd track from their EP ‘Stairs’. “Little Ass Flows” is a guitar-driven beat peppered with smooth flows and engaging lyricism to keep the listener’s engaged.

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Andrew G – “Ocean”


Singer/songwriter Andrew G reflects on his life on the heartwarming single titled “Ocean.” He delivers his verses in a pained melodic style that is both unique and alluring.
“Ocean” is taken from his debut project Swim.



Broughton – “Miss You”


Broughton pours his innermost feelings on his new song “Miss You.” Backed by an atmospheric soundscape, he reflects on what could be with the woman who is beyond his grasp at the moment.

Get it on Deezer, Soundcloud and Apple Music.


The Free – “Afrikan Trafikan”

Canada /East African rapper The Free aims to shed light on the plight of immigrants on his thought-provoking track entitled “Afrikan Trafikan.” The song details the dynamics of life as an immigrant and also a bold statement about African art being the answer and solution to Africa’s current problems.

Get it on Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music.



Spitty The Sequel – “High Designer”

“High Designer” is the newest joint and second single release from Spitty The Sequel this year who tells a story of a relationship gone wrong with clothing brand names. With a ghostly melodic chorus, verses doused in finesse, he lays it down over an addictive Brucey B Production. accompanied by a dramatic stunning visual, the duo brings the story to life.

Get it on Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music.

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