There are so many classical monuments that will never be repeated throughout history again. For example, the seven wonders of the world is considered as such because of, for example, ‘uniqueness and antiquity’. Musicians like Jansport J, as some of you may have known, he’s been inspired by various ‘wonders’ like J Dilla, Pete Rock, and others to perfect his skills on the boards into what he’s now known as the ‘Soul Provider‘ (at least to me he is [hence his LP name]). If you have been following him throughout his solo career, he’s been releasing a lot of ‘love-inspired’ soul projects. But this time around, he’s taken a turn for the grit, as he pays tribute to NY with his latest release, ‘p h a r a o h’.

You could purchase the album on bandcamp and/or itunes. Oh, and to take it even further back, he’s returned to the cassette tape game for a limited time.

In the meantime, pay attention as he roams through the streets of New York.


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