This is a pretty interesting tune from Portland,Oregon based emcee Obese Chess (equally interesting name). The single in question ‘Man Overboard’ is off his soon to drop full project titled Mata Hari.  Homie definitely holds his own over this dreamy/surreal backdrop provided by The Labour department. a solid introduction for me,short,profound and straight to the jugular.

Tune in and get with the program.

Obese Chess is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Portland, Oregon. 
“Man Overboard” is the first single from his upcoming album called Mata Hari which is produced entirely by The Labor Department. Mata Hari is set to be released during the month of April. 
Obese Chess sums up the direction for “Man Overboard” below.
“It’s about removing negative people from your life. Over the past few years I’ve encountered a lot of people who were really miserable and the only thing they seemed to love was bringing other people down with them. You don’t need people like that in your life, they poison everything. They choke you, weigh you down. No matter what kinds of good memories you may have about them, sometimes you just need to cut people like that out for your own sake.”

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