Producer Elynbeats of Roots Of Society teams up with MC Numatik for this 12 track project titled ‘Tall Tales’. This is my first introduction to both parties and I must say they both bring their A-game on this project. Musically Elyonbeats creates very musical, multi layered textures, complex piano arrangements and the good ol’ vocal samples to boot. Can I say alternative hip-hop without sounding too obvious? with that being said, Numatik on the other hand, keeps the subject matter personal, sometimes general to let the listener interpret accordingly. His flow is laid back but powerful,lyrically may not be the best thing since slice bread but the job gets done in this case. In a nutshell ‘Tall tales‘ flows abundantly with varied emotions,self poignant narratives and profound outlooks. Need I say more?

Tune in, listen and share your thoughts below.

A collaboration album between two driven artists. One residing in the heat of Sacramento. The other under the raindrops of Portland, OR. Elyonbeats is a very talented producer & co-founder of “Roots of Society Records”. While Numatik, an MC weaving together rhymes, hoping to inspire & uplift the coming generation.

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