I hope you were paying attention when I was posting about these dudes because they are set to be bumped in every headphone earpiece across the world, and it’s always nice to say ‘I was there first’. The five on this track make up the No State Backgammon Gang; Wally Left has become some what of a regular on WIB, Freakmite is nice, Deon is a bit more elusive but dope (and kills it here) and nuLOVE is the duo of Boycott and Jahree. Word Is Bond preaches quality over quantity, but there’s nout wrong with a bit of both. Riki-Oh is, evidently, a manga (or manja, if you are DJ Booth), and is the first single from nuLOVE’s upcoming release Equinox Vol. 3, out in a little under two weeks. Watch this space!

nuLOVE – Riki-Oh ft. Wally Left, Freakmite, Deon

Google tells me that Riki-Oh is also the title of a popular Japanese comic, but if you

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